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Transfer Data between Samsung Galaxy and iPhone on Mac

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

Want to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos and more between Samsung GALAXY and iPhone directly? To copy data from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone, or transfer contents from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy on a MacBook,you must to use a Mac Phone Transfer program.

“I have bought a new iPhone 6 Plus,now I need to copy all contacts/phone numbers from my old Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6 Plus,and I use MacBook,how can I transfer data from Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6? Thank you!”

If you happen to come across this situation, have a try on Phone Transfer. Simply connect the two mobile phones with the program via USB cable, all the contacts, messages, photos, music and videos can be transferred from Samsung GALAXY to iPhone with a single click.

As we all know,the iPhone and Android phones are the most popular smartphones in the mobile digital world. With the frequent updates of electronic devices, switching mobile phones is a very common phenomenon, so losing data occurs frequently. It’s boring to find a lost contact or message, re-install apps, copy your favorite music and videos. If you want to manage data or transfer data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy,the Phone to Phone Transfer for Mac is just for you transferring data from one phone to another without any important data losing.

Transfer contacts, sms, photos, music, videos,ect between iPhone and Samsung

The handy mobile phone transfer software supports data transfer among almost all popular cell phones which are based on iOS, Android or Symbian operating system, such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, Nokia phones. That means you can move mobile phone data from iPhone to Android phone, Android phone to iPhone, Android to Android devices, iPhone to iPhone, Nokia to Android phone, Nokia to iPhone.

Download Phone Transfer on your computer and read carefully what the tutorial below tells you to.

phone to phone transfer    phone transfer for mac
Let’s we take coping contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4 to your iPhone 6 plus for example.

How to Copy Data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy?

Step 1: Run the Phone Transfer for Mac or Phone Transfer for Windows
Download and install mobile phone transfer software, after that launch the program. Please install iTunes on your computer, if you haven’t it, the program will prompt you to install.

Transfer data from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 6
Step 2: Connect two Smartphone phone to Mac
Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone and Apple iPhone to PC, the mobile phone transfer will detect the two devices at once and show the phone screenshots, left is the source, right is the destination. You can click Flip button to change the phone source and destination, then select the content to copy.

Transfer Contacts between Samsung and iPhone on Mac

Step 3: Start to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone
Hit the Start Copy button, the software will start to move contacts, messages, music, videos or photos from your Samsung Galaxy phone to iPhone, or iPhone to Samsung Galaxy phone. Click OK when the transfer process finishes.

Copy data between iPhone and Samsung

Tips: The Phone to Phone Transfer(Mac&Windows), as the name implies, can help you transfer your precious data, including photos, videos text messages, contacts, music, call logs, apps, etc. are all transferrable. No matter you use which phone brand, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry and even Symbian phone such as Nokia. What’s more,if you plan to sell the old phone,you can use this Mobile Transfer to erase all contents permanently before selling.