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Recover data on computer-Recover Data in Wizard Mode

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

All you lost/deleted data are still on your computer external hard drive,or other storage media,you can recover/restore them with a data recovery software easily.

Recover Photo,Video,Music or other lost data from PC, USB drive,Memory Card,Digital cameras,external hard drive, mobile phone, iPod, MP3/ MP4 player, CD Roms,Memory Sticks,and other storage media with Data Recovery for Computer

This Great for beginners-Recover Data in Wizard Mode

Recover Data in Standard Mode-Lost File Recovery/Partition Recovery/Raw File Recovery/Resume Recovery

This Guide for beginners-Recover Data in Wizard Mode

Recover Data in Standard Mode(Lost File Recovery/Partition Recovery/Raw File Recovery/Resume Recovery)


Step1: Select  the Wizard Mode recovery

After running the recovery program, It will automatically guide you to the Wizard Mode. Just click on "Next" button to be continues, then answer two simple questions and the program will do the rest for you. 

Step2 : Choose the recovery type for you files

For the first question here, choose one of type from Photo/Graphic, MP3/Audio, Video, Office Document Email and All File Types, then click "Next" to going to recover, if you want to recover various data, you can check "All Files Types".

 Step3 : To Tell where did  you lost your files

Step4 : Begin to scan and search your deleted or  lost files

Now you are allows to click on "Start" to search for your lost data. Undoubtedly, you must have noticed that there is "Enable Deep Scan" or "Enable Raw File Recovery" option displayed on the window. Generally speaking, "Enable Deep Scan" allows you to retrieve files lost due to formatting, as for "Enable Raw File Recovery" enable to recover all files which you lost for various reasons long time ago. Hence, if you only want to restore the files you deleted or lost recently, just neglect them.

Step5 : Preview and retrieve your deleted lost files

The scanning result would be displayed in file types if you chose "All files" in the previous step, like database, document, archive, audio, email, graphic, video and so on. You can select and restore them after previewing. Documents including PDF, RAR, ZIP, PPT, Excel, and Graphic like ICO, JPG, BMP, JPEG, TIF and more can be previewed before recovery.

 In addition, you are allowed to check the previous path of those files by transfrom "File type" to "Path".

Attention: Don't save files to the same place where you lost your files. The files that you are looking for, will be overwritten by your new file saving if you don't recover them.

Tips: Recover in advance: You are allowed to check files in the meantime during the recovery process. If the files you want to get back have been scanned out, you can click  "Pause" and to recover them firstly. Then click "Continue" to go on or "Stop" to cease your scan.

Filter: You are allowed ot  search your lost files in the scanning result by filter the path or filename.

Save the scanning result:  You can save the present scanning results after scan finish for recovery at a later time.

Other use guide: Recover Data in Standard Mode-Lost File Recovery/Partition Recovery/Raw File Recovery/Resume Recovery