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Recover Deleted Files on Mac

publinshed by
sophia L yad at
March 10,2015

"Any way to recover all deleted files in Mac OS X by accident? I accident delete photos, videos, documents, audio and archives on my Macbook.In Windows I know we can use general data recovery to restore lost or deleted files. Similarly, in Mac OS X, Is any Mac recovery software for me recover lost data on Mac?"

This is a very common problem for Mac users, many users lost data on Mac after update OS or reinstall the computer system, to solve this problem,all you need is a professional data recovery for Mac,however,it can help you recover lost data or deleted files from Mac directly when you want to get back those lost files of Mac.

However, for those not versed in technology what we can do when they lost data in Mac. Here is why, and teach you how to recover all deleted files on your Mac. Please continue reading the following use guides!

For various reasons, you may lost data on Mac, such as accidental deletion, computer crash, virus infection, improper formatting, and other operations.On the surface, you can no longer recover those lost files, actually, all of those lost data or formatted/deleted files are still on your Mac.However,you must to use a professional Data Recovery for Mac to recover lost or deleted files in Mac.
This Mac Data Recovery is a professional recovery software designed for Mac users, the data recovery for Mac not only can help you recover lost data from Mac hard drive, but also supports restore files from USB Flash drive, memory stick, digital camera, SD card, and other external storage media.You can recover lost photos, video, documents, email and archive files from Mac hard drives and most storage devices.Next,let’s show you the tutorials about how to recover deleted files from Mac with this Mac data recovery tool.

Download a trial version of the program to give it a shot!

How to Recover Deleted Files or Lost Data on Mac?

Step 1. Choose recovery mode to start Mac deleted folder recovery
Launch the application on your Mac and you’ll see a window as the image below.
To recover deleted folder on Mac, you can take "Lost File Recovery" mode as a first try.

data recovery for mac

Step 2. Scan the partition/volume that the folder was deleted from
Then the program will show all partitions/volumes on your Mac, you just need to select the one that the folder was deleted from and click "Scan" to begin searching for deleted data on it.

recover mac file

Step 3. Recover deleted folder on Mac
After scanning, found contents on the scanned partition/volume will be displayed in "Folder" or "File Type" in the window.
You can select your deleted folder and view how many of files on it can be recovered. Then you just need to mark the folder or files you want to recover and click "Recover" to save them back to your Mac.
Note: To avoid data overwritten, please do not save the recovered folder or files back to the original partition/volume.

mac file recovery

In just three steps, you can successfully recover almost the entire data of your Mac, including photos, videos, music, documents, archives, emails, etc. Apart from these, you can also apply this mighty Data Recovery for Mac to recover any other data stored in your other external media, like USB Flash drive, memory stick, digital camera, and SD card.